P.R.O.B.E. (Paranormal Research Organization for Bothersome Entities)

Ghost Hunting Unit

Darla and Steve Vasilas established PROBE in late 2007 as a paranormal research and investigation unit.  The primary unit is now located in Ocala, Florida, with auxiliary units in Northern Virginia, and Sacramento, CA.  PROBE’s research is gathered from the preliminary interviews, base investigations and follow-up investigations.  The primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our clients, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, audio and video recorders, EMF meters, motion sensors, and temperature probes.  PROBE’s investigations have included historical sites, private homes and commercial properties.  The primary function of the investigations is to document paranormal activity, thereby giving credence to the client that the activity is real and not imagined.  If, during the investigation, we find that there is a reasonable explanation for the activity, that will also be reported. After the investigation, a written report will be presented, along with a digital copy of all photos and any video or audio evidence on a CD.  The standard PROBE team will consist of two-to-four investigators, all of whom have been involved in multiple investigations.

It is our policy to insure that no damage is done to any of the client’s property.  Therefore, all of our equipment is hand held or on tripods.  We do not string cables or use tape on any surfaces.

We DO NOT charge for any of our investigations.  Our only objective is to gather research and help our clients.

When we get a request to come into  a building or onto a property, we try to conduct a preliminary interview with the residents to gather a history of the property.  We ask for reports of anything unusual (apparitions, floating objects, strange noises, etc.).  These reports give us the information we need to prepare the correct equipment for the job and to determine if there would be factors that might prove to be a risk for any team member (especially when investigating old ruins, deserted buildings, etc.).  The preliminary interviews also give our potential clients the opportunity to get to know us and find out a little more about us before we bring a team onto their property.

During the investigation we will usually split up into two teams.  Each team will have digital recorders, cameras, and temperature probes along with electromagnetic field (EMF) meters.  We will station ourselves in different areas where the reports have been made.  Motion sensors will be stationed in areas where we hear any type of movement. Most of the time we work in a ‘lights-out’ mode.  A lot of what we do is to try to get an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and photographic evidence while sitting quietly in a room.  This is accomplished by asking the entity to respond to different questions, hoping that the answers will be caught on the digital recorders.  We are not there to chase out the entity, but to document its presence.

If we do establish a presence on the property, we leave it up to the client whether or not they want us to try to convince the entity to leave, or we can advise them of ways to take control of the situation themselves.  Most of our clients do not wish to have the entities removed, they just want to know that they are not imagining things.

Lead Investigators Available for Speaking Engagements

For the past ten years Darla and Steve Vasilas have done panels at science fiction conventions.  We are also available to give seminars or ghost hunting presentations at libraries, schools or for group events/gatherings.  We have a Powerpoint presentation with photos, audio, and video that can be shown to our audience.  The presentation takes about 1 1/2 hours.  If you would like to have us give our presentation to your group, please contact us via email at:  ghostprobe1@gmail.com


In late October 2012 we taped an interview at the WMZQ, 98.7 FM radio station in Rockville, MD.  Below is the audio that was aired from that interview.  The interview itself was about 15 minutes, and this is what was aired.  Hope you like it.

Paranormal Activity Ratings

During our investigations PROBE has developed its own rating system of the level of activity at a property.  You will find these ratings on each investigation report.  The Paranormal Level Ratings run from 1 – 5 (see below):

P-1 – Minimal Activity (Unusual feelings)
P-2 – Active  (A few noises, etc.)
P-3 – Substantial Activity (EVPs, Footsteps, etc.)
P-4 – Haunted (Disembodied Voices, Shadows, Moving Objects)
P-5 – Very Haunted (Apparitions, Physical Contact (Being Pushed, Scratched), etc.)

What we have learned. 

  • Probably the first thing we learned was to throw out everything that had been told to us over the years.
  • Primarily, activity does not just occur at night.  There is no “witching hour”.  Activity happens at all hours of the day, or night.  In fact, many of the stories we have heard have been about things happening in the daytime and many of our experiences HAVE happened during the daytime, especially between the hours of 9:00 am to noon.
  • Return visits to a site are sometimes necessary.  You don’t always find something on the first visit.  As we have learned, it is possible to earn the trust of the entities, and they will start to open up to you.
  • Listen to what your client says….don’t be too quick to debunk something.  Remember what was related to you.   If they say something flew off the shelf and across the room, just because the shelf is loose doesn’t mean that they hit it and knocked it off the shelf…they saw it fly across the room.
  • Just when you think the night is not going to be productive, something will sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder.   
  • ALWAYS have a recorder running and a camera ready, even during an interview and walk-through.


Darla Vasilas, Steve Vasilas, Phillip Shade, and Bill Joyce are the ONLY members of PROBE with the authority to book an investigation,  a media interview, seminar, or to arrange a joint investigation with another unit!  Please advise us via email at ghostprobe1@gmail.com if you are approached by anyone other than Darla Vasilas, Steve Vasilas, Bill Joyce or Phill Shade.

If you live in the Central Florida area and would be interested in becoming an investigator, please email us at:   ghostprobe1@gmail.com.